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Wednesday, 19 July 2017:

Huntington Library Ahmanson Room

8:30am Registration


9:00am Introductions and Welcome by the Organisers

9:30am Panel 1: Connections Chair: Todd Martin

  • Cheryl Hindrichs, Boise State University:
    “‘The Fly’ in the Spikenard: Mansfield, Woolf, and Lawrence”
  • Chloe Oram, University of Chichester:
    “Morrell, Mansfield & von Arnim: the Relationship of Three Women to the Bohemian Literary Landscape of the Twentieth Century”
  • Isobel Maddison, University of Cambridge:
    “‘Marriage a la Mode’: von Arnim, Mansfield, and Woolf”

11:00am Break

11:30am Panel 2: Displacement Chair: Isobel Maddison

  • Gerri Kimber, University of Northampton:
    “‘Six-shilling Novels’: Katherine Mansfield and the Short Story Cycle”
  • Ruchi Mundeja, University of Delhi:
    “Rooms Not Quite Their Own: Two Colonial Itinerants, Katherine Mansfield and Jean Rhys, and Narratives of ‘Roomlessness’”
  • Richard Cappuccio, Independent Scholar:
    “‘It’s No Fun Travelling Alone in Germany if You’re a Woman’: Katherine Mansfield’s and Elizabeth von Arnim’s Artists in German Pensions”

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm Keynote Address Chair: Noreen O’Connor

  • Bonnie Kime Scott, Professor Emerita of Women’s Studies, San Diego State University and Professor Emerita of English, University of Delaware: “Tracing Garden Networks: Katherine Mansfield, Elizabeth von Arnim, et. al.”

3:00pm Break

3:30pm Panel 3: Masculinities Chair: Juliane Römhild 

  • Carol M. Chappell, Independent Scholar:
    “Implications of Narcissism in the Works of Elizabeth von Arnim”
  • Elizabeth Floyd, University of California Santa Barbara:
    “The Devil and the Angel: English Masculinity Abroad in Elizabeth von Arnim’s The Enchanted April and E.M. Forster’s A Passage to India
  • Yvonne Cook,  Independent Scholar:
    “So You Want to be a Silent Film Extra?”

7.00pm Conference dinner: El Portal Restaurant (Vanessa’s Room) 695 E. Green Street, Pasadena

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Huntington Library Ahmanson Room

9:30am Panel 4: Influences • Chair: Yvonne Cook

  • Katie Jones, University of Nottingham: “‘Did you ever read the life of Oscar Wilde?’: Katherine Mansfield and the ‘Wilde’ Influence”
  • Charlotte Fiehn, University of Cambridge: “‘Passionate, magnificent prose’: Tracing the Brontës in the Friendship and Writings of Elizabeth von Arnim and Katherine Mansfield”
  • Rachel Galvin, University of Western Australia: “The Pastor’s Wife: Entrapment, Domestic Violence and Strange Uses of the Gothic”

11:00am Break

11:30am Panel 5: War & Politics • Chair: Rachel Galvin

  • Noreen O’Connor, King’s College: “‘I Like Jews’: Warner Bros. Studio and the Critique of Anti-Semitism in Mr. Skeffington
  • Ann Herndon Marshall, Independent Scholar: “Clover Fields: An Interlude in the Travels of Elizabeth von Arnim, March-April, 1917”
  • Juliane Römhild, La Trobe University: “‘Mein Liebes Kleines’ – the Letters of Elizabeth von Arnim to Beatrix von Hirschberg”

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm Panel 6: Perspectives • Chair: Tracy Miao

  • Todd Martin, Huntington University: “From Sentimental to Tragic: The Evolving World of Katherine Mansfield’s Children”
  • Tracy Miao, Xi’an International Studies University: “‘Silent Reflex of the Soul’ and Literary Cloaks: ‘Dressing’ Katherine Mansfield and her Characters”
  • Richard Hancuff, Misericordia University: “‘They were all on the stage’: Performance and Public Space in ‘Miss Brill’”

3:30pm Break

4:00pm Keynote Address • Chair: Gerri Kimber

  • Christine Froula, Professor of English and Comparative Literature and Gender Studies, Northwestern University “Imaginary Gardens with Real Writers in Them: Elizabeth von Arnim, Katherine Mansfield, Virginia Woolf”

12 thoughts on “Conference Programme

  1. This sounds as if it will be such an exciting conference! I am very excited about the programme and meeting Elizabeth friends again.

    1. As a great granddaughter of Elizabeth, I am very sad that I am unable to attend the conference and I wish you all an interesting and enjoyable time!
      As you might know, a rose was named after her last year, which I ordered and is now flowering on my balcony in Hamburg!
      (I am unable to attach a photo to this message which I would otherwise send).

      Best wishes

  2. Excitement is growing as the conference approaches.

    Registration still open. Hope to see you in sunny California.

    Isobel Maddison

  3. Dear colleagues,
    I wish I had seen this exciting conference in time to join you! I hope it is ok for me to draw your attention to a seminar I am chairing relating to your conference topic, in case some of you are planning to attend the MSA in Amsterdam in August and might like to join us as a speaker.
    Here is the 100 word-proposal of the seminar:
    “Representing idea(l)s of space and nature, gardens pose ongoing challenges for modernist creativity. This seminar is a meeting-ground for scholars in garden history and literary or artistic garden culture. Participants are invited to address issues as diverse as relations between form and meaning, the role of the garden in the lives and works of modernist writers and artists, gardens as memory spaces and living boundaries, modernist visions as expressed through the garden, debates sparked by gardening, garden writing as a modernist genre, and ecological/ecocritical aspects of gardens in modernism.”
    I feel gardens are a blind spot in modernism, which is so focused on urban indoor culture that it is easy to ignore how many modernist artists were involved in gardening and spent a lot of time and thought on what gardens meant to them and to society. It would be wonderful to bring this aspect of culture to the MSA. I myself have mainly worked on garden writing as life writing, connecting writers such as Vita Sackville West, Elizabeth von Arnim, Virginia Woolf, Katherine Mansfield and Beverley Nicholls.
    I take the liberty of including a couple of links to the conference:
    Overview of seminars:
    Email for those interested in joining the seminar:

  4. Dear Vera,

    Your seminar in Amsterdam looks wonderful! Thank you for the posting. I wish you could be at the conference that the Huntington next month–it will be of great interest to you. I wonder whether you were at the MSA in Pasadena in November? I was there and put out cards about the von Arnim conference, and I’m so sorry I didn’t reach you. I am so glad to get in touch with you. I hope you will join the Elizabeth von Arnim society.

    Warm regards,

    Noreen O’Connor
    VP, Elizabeth von Arnim Society
    Conference co-organizer

    1. Dear Noreen,
      Thanks for your kind reply! I would love to join! I have one article out on EvA, but I wrote it for a journal in Germany, so it’s in German. But I am including her in my book on garden writing. I’ve not been to an MSA conference before, so unfortunately I didn’t see the flyers. There will be a next time, I hope!! Good luck on the conference, it looks amazing!
      Warm wishes, Vera.

  5. I will be staying at an airbnb – 121 South Chester Street, Pasadena.
    Flight arrival time at Los Angeles International airport is 18.44 hours on mon 17th July – anybody out there arriving same time and willing to share travel cost to accommodation?

    Yvonne Cook

  6. I love all of the additional information and the vintage postcards on this site. What a lot of work. Great job! I am interested in joining the group going to the Griffith Observatory Thursday evening. It’s been many years since I have been there. Fun!

    1. Thanks! I had fun building the site and am glad you find it helpful. I look forward to meeting you on Wednesday. Warm regards, Noreen O’Connor

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